Know About | PNR status, PNR enquiry, PNR number, train ticket refund and Dial 139|

Know About | PNR  status, PNR enquiry, PNR number, train ticket refund and Dial 139|

PNR  status, PNR enquiry, PNR number, train ticket refund
PNR Status

What does the PNR status means?

An Indian Railways Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a number assigned to a passenger or a group of passengers that contains a set of personal and travel information of the passenger(s).

Now, checking PNR status has become quite hassle-free and convenient by the use of mobile phones.
Apart from inquiring at railway stations, PNR status can be inquired upon easily via SMS or the IRCTC website.

A PNR status includes information such as ticket confirmation status (ie. whether confirmed, or wait-listed or RAC) and other journey-related information such as arrival and departure time of trains.

Steps to check train PNR status online

One simple and popular way of checking PNR status is through the IRCTC website.
To try this method, follow these steps:
First of all, log in to the IRCTC website

On top of the homepage, click on 'TRAINS' link.
From the drop-down menu, select 'PNR Enquiry' option.
On the page that follows, enter your 10-digit PNR number and click on 'Get pnr Status.'
How to check PNR status via SMS/call
It is quite easy to check PNR status from any mobile phone. For checking PNR through SMS, simply type PNR, and send to 139. Or you call also dial 139 (ie. Railway Enquiry Number) and inquire your PNR status.

IRCTC SMS service: Indian Railways and IRCTC’s SMS services on the number 139 – Rail Sampark –include pnr enquiries pertaining to PNR status, accommodation availability, current train running position, PRS ticket cancellation and fare enquiry. Apart from SMS, the services are also available through voice enquiry on IVRS. Indian Railways passengers can easily get the desired information by sending an SMS to the number – 139 in the following way:

For ticket status pnr enquiry: To know the status of your ticket, SMS 10 digit PNR number.For example- 4341568676

For train arrival and departure enquiry: 

To know about train arrival and departure, SMS “AD <Train number> < STD code of station>”For example- AD 12561 011
For accommodation availability: SMS “SEAT <Train number> <DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <Station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***For example- SEAT 12561 010719 0542 0571 SL G
For fare enquiry: SMS “FARE <Train number> <DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <Station to: STD code> <class > <Quota>***For example- FARE 12012 010719 0542 0571 SL G
Time table: To know about the time table, SMS “TIME <Train number>For example- TIME 12012
Spot/Locate train: To spot or locate your train, SMS “SPOT <train number> or LOCATE <train number>For example- SPOT 12561 or LOCATE 12561
Train name or number: To know about the train name or train number, SMS “TN <train number> or SMS “TN <train name>For example- TN 12724 or TN AP Express

It should be noted that Quota is an optional field. Thus, railway passengers can enter G for general and CK for tatkal. For CLASS field, enter SL for Sleeper, CC for AC Chair Car, 2S for Second sitting, 1A for First AC, 2A for Second AC and 3A for Third AC.

How know about Your Train Reservation pnr status?

Here Is How You Can Check PNR Status
PNR check: Railways allows passengers to check their PNR status online.

PNR  status, PNR enquiry, PNR number, train ticket refund
PNR status 

Indian Railways allows its passengers to book wait-listed (WL) or reservation-against-cancellation (RAC) ticket apart from buying confirmed tickets for travelling on its trains. The PNR status of the ticket can be checked online on mobile applications and websites. The advance booking for train ticket opens 120 days before the date of journey, according to IRCTC's official website -

Passengers booking a ticket are assigned a passenger name record (PNR) number and a specific status while booking the tickets which can be confirmed later depending on the rush for that journey. If the passenger PNR status is marked as WL followed by a number, it means the passenger has a waitlisted status.

Travellers who have booked a wait-listed or an RAC ticket can check their train PNR status by going online on or clicking on NDTV Rail Beeps website application.

After logging on the page the user will be asked to put in their 10-digit PNR number which is mentioned on the top left side of the train ticket. Once the person mentions his or her PNR status he/she is required to click on the 'check status' link. Upon clicking that link reservation status will be displayed on the website.

Travellers can also check their reservation status by dialing 139 from their phones. Indian Railways also provides facility to check PNR status via SMS as well. In case of checking PNR status from SMS, travellers need to send an SMS to 139 mentioning their PNR number, Indian Railways said.
On a PNR which has all the passengers on waiting list at the time of charting, the name of such waitlisted passengers will not appear in the charts and such passengers, if found travelling, will be treated as unauthorized and charged accordingly, IRCTC noted on its website.

Rules for cancelled train ticket refund as per category wise:

Here's what to do
In case, your train is cancelled due to any emergency such as breaches, floods, accidents, fog etc., the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will refund the full amount without any deduction in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train.

IRCTC i-ticket refund:

In case the ticket was bought through offline reservation counter, the ticket can be cancelled up to 72 hours after the scheduled departure of train at any computerized reservation counter. Points to note However, the passengers must note that the entire ticket refund amount is credited only of the train is cancelled from the start station to the destination. The same will show on the passenger name record (PNR) status of the passenger. In this case, the refund is credited to the bank account of the passenger through which the booking had been made. But if the ticket is cancelled by the passenger, IRCTC will deduct some cancellation charges.

The cancellation charge for each reservation category is different as mentioned below:

(1) If the tickets are confirmed, it can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. The cancellation charges will be deducted at 240 INR for AC First Class/Executive Class; 200 INR for AC 2 Tier/First Class; 180 INR for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/AC 3 Economy; 120 INR for Sleeper Class; and 60 INR for Second Class.

(2) If you cancel a confirmed ticket within 48 hours and up to 12 hours before scheduled departure of the train, ticket cancellation charges will be 25 per cent of the fare (subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned above).

(3) If you cancel a confirm ticket between 12 hours and up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charges will be 50 per cent of the fare paid (subject to the minimum cancellation rate).

Know more about train ticket cancellation charges :

(1) As per IRCTC website, tickets booked online (E-tickets) cannot be cancelled after the chart is prepared. There won’t be any refund of fare on tickets having confirmed reservation in case ticket is not cancelled or Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) not filed online up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

(2) In case your train gets cancelled for some reason, for e-tickets, there will be an automatic refund process. Filing of TDR or ticket deposit receipt won’t be required.

(3) For RAC (reservation against cancellation) train tickets or wait-listed train tickets, if cancelled up to 30 minutes before the departure of train, there will be refund after deduction of clerkage charges. As per IRCTC website, for second class (reserved) and other classes, clerkage charge is 60 INR per passenger (for cancellation of RAC and waitlisted tickets).

(4) If the train is running late by more than three hours of scheduled departure, no cancellation charge will be levied. Full money will be refunded to passengers holding confirmed, RAC, and wait-listed tickets in such case (subject to the condition that the ticket is surrendered prior to actual departure of train).

(5) In case of train cancellation, for a Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter ticket, refund is allowed within three days excluding the scheduled day of departure of train.

Rules for cancellation of tatkal train ticket:

There shall be no refund on cancellation on confirmed Tatkal train tickets.
As per IRCTC website, if the train is running more than 3 hours late, then you can file TDR and claim refund.

To get real-time Indian Railways information with Rail Drishti!

Indian Railways goes transparent with new Rail Drishti Dashboard! PNR enquiry, status of Mail/Express trains or any real-time data about Indian Railways is now available at the click of a button on a new digital portal –

We take a look at top 9 things that every Indian Railways passenger should know about the Rail Drishti Dashboard:

1) Under its service category, the Rail Drishti Dashboard provides information such as PNR Enquiry, Complaint Enquiry, Tender Enquiry, ODC Enquiry, Shramik Enquiry and FNR Enquiry.

2) It also gives access to Sugam – a freight app. Under this category, users can get booking information like freight calculator, freight rates, booked route information, terminal details etc.

3) Passengers or railway users can view live feeds of several railway kitchens across the country namely, Ahmedabad, Balasore, Guntakal, Jhansi, Katihar, Katpadi, Kota, Mumbai BCT, Mumbai CSMT, Noida, Pune, Renigunta, Sealdah, Vijayawada railway stations.

4) The Rail Drishti Dashboard also provides information on how many Mail or Express trains and suburban trains are running at the moment. A train search option has also been provided to find the details of any desired train easily.

5) Achievements of Indian Railways can also be found in the Rail Drishti Dashboard including redevelopment of railway stations, electrification of rail lines, signalling, cleanliness on railway tracks, catering etc. State-wise information on this is also available.

6) People can also get information on the heritage of Indian Railways, including details on residential colonies by railways, timetables from the past, railway heritage in the North East, Regional Rail Museum of Howrah etc.
7) The Rail Drishti Dashboard also provides information on freight earnings on the basis of commodity-wise and zone wise. Moreover, information on freight loading and unloading is also available on the portal.

8) The portal also gives data on expenditure (revenue) as well as expenditure (works) of Indian Railways. It also highlights the zone with the lowest percentage increase in revenue expenditure.

9) Information on bills paid by Indian Railways and bills that are pending is available as well. Zone-wise data is also available.

Without PNR no how to check seat? 

You can't check seat without PNR no. 
Please check your email or register mobile number sms for PNR no send by irctc during booking. 
If can not find then go to station master of your boarding station along with Photo ID proof so that he can check your Name, Age in his final chart. 
If you are in running train or in hurry then you can apporch to TT along with ID proof he can also check your name, age in chart and help you get PNR No.
After getting PNR no please download the ticket from website or click on above mention link. 

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