Khair Tree (Sanegalia Catechu) | Katha uses and benefits as Medicine | Khair tree | Plantation and Growth, Cost|

 Khair Tree (Sanegalia Catechu) |Katha uses and benefits as Medicine |Khair tree| Plantation and Growth, Cost| 
Khair - tree
Khair tree

Description - :   
Khair Tree (Sanegalia Catechu) which is also known as Sanegalia Catechism, red clutch, Karangali etc. 
Generally found in middle range mountain areas like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir of India and other parts of Asia. Khair Tree is a thorny tree. It grows upto the height of 10m to 15m generally. It takes around 10 years to grow. It's wood brown in colour.


Khair - tree- branches
Khair tree branches 

Plantations and cultivation-:                                                                                    Khair Tree generally grows it self in forests. In current era its uses increase widely in medicine and demand by farma factories is more So Govt grows Khair trees plants in nursery. It's cultivation open by the Forest department 
 once in 10 years.                                                                                                     
Product and madicine Uses - :                                                                                   1. Katha is main product of Khair tree. Katha is made by cutting its logs in    small pieces and then boiling in hot water.                                               

  2. Khatha is used in medical line as a medicine for cureing sore throats         and in diarehea.                                                                                         

 3.Khata also used in preparing Paan through out the world for giving different type of flavour                                                                                

 4. One type of Gum extracts from Khair and its many uses in Ayurveda medicine preparing.                                                                             

5. Its wood used for making home windows, doors and field working tools.                                                                                                   

6. Khair Tree branches cut down by the villagers to feed their animals in winter season.                                                                                           

Khair - tree- leaves
Khair tree leaves

Other uses-: As a firewood, charcoal by the villagers.Its katha used as preservative for fishing nets. It's flowers are used by insects like bees for preparaing honey.   

Latest Price/Cost of Khair tree (Senegala Catechu) 

If you want good price of your Khair trees it is generally depend on Tendor holder or Thekedaars. You should always ask for higher rates. In average     Khair tree (Senegala Catechu) Cost 60000/ton.                              

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