LIMON USES AND FARMING

Lemon has many health benefits. It is easily available in market. It is found in different - different types of sizes in all over the world from small to large size. Unripe Lemon is green in colour while ripe one has yellowish. Its branches have lot of thorns. It's plants attain height  from 4ft to10ft. Lemon bush is called to be of rue species.

Peoples consumes it as salad, juice, pickle, preserve (muraba) etc. In summer time peoples like to take its juice for getting refreshed. It's fruit contains seed, pulp and citrus.

It's plant is normally evergreen. It's flowers blossom in summer. Its fruits grow in monsoon season. And it's citrus cultivated in winter season. It's fruit ripe slowly in winter. But these days it's many hybrid seeds comes in market that gives yield through out the year. Small plants starts giving the lemon in its 3rd year of planting. 
It contains types of nutrients like pectin, acid, vitamin C in large amount.

Various uses of Lemon-:

° Its juice prevents dehydration and cure us from loss- motions. It's juice adding in one glass of water along with little salt and one spoon sugar work as medicine syrup for loss - motion.

° Many types of pickles are make from lemon that gives us good taste and digestion.

° Limon contains vitamin C in rich quantities so it helps our body to cure many  diseases like cardiovascular, heart storks and maintaining blood pressure.

° It also cure us from cold deaseas like nose infection and good for teeth health.

° Lemon reduces the risk of skin wrinkles and dry skin.

° Lemon is also good for obesity and for reduceing the weight.

° We can refresh our bad breath by eating lemon which causes due to excess bacteria inside mouth.

°Regular drinking of lemon juice melts stomach stones. 

° Its citrus acid is used for beverage manufacturing. 

Plantations And Cultivation - :

Lemon can be plant in varieties of soils.Well water drain soils are good for its growth. Land should be prepare before planting. Planting should be done against terraces of slop. It's seeds can grow in nursery. After plant is of around 6 inch, it can be replante in other places in pits.

But in these days  commercial planting  done by grafting techniques with other types of species like orange etc.

Hybrid plants bloom through out the year and fruit can be taken many times. It requires 20 to 25 degrees Celsius temperature. Rainfall from 50 to 200 cm is enough for its growth. PH value of soil should be 5.5 to 7.5.

Its different types of species are like rasraj,  lucknow seedless, punjabi galgal, phari galgal, pant lemon, Italian lemon, Malta lemon, eureka and baramasi etc. We can do its planting in starting of monsoon. Spacing from plant to plant 5m×5m must maintain. 

You should add compost to plant for good growth and yield. Unnecessary plants grows along with lemon plant should be removed. During dry winters irrigation is requires once in a weeek for good growth, flowering and fruits. 

Many types of insects attacks the plant during its fruiting time. Some of insects sucks the juice and spoiled the fruit. We have to safeguard our plant and fruits from these insects. Pesticides must be used to kill the insects. You can take advise from nearest agricultural department office in case of any deases found on fruit. 

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