Man is insatiable by nature. Aside from the number of inevitable basic commodities that must be met, people possess an unappeasable longing for dazzling new things. People are living life in the fast lane. This intemperate clamoring has caused man to squander the gifts of nature and has lead to an insufficiency of resources to meet the population’s growing needs. One concrete example is the cutting of trees without replacing them, subsequently leading to deadly natural calamities such as flashfloods and landslides.

Humans, on their constant quest for bigger and better things, have utilized the limitless power of their minds by creating things, which will cater to their desires. While watching, with pride and pleasure, the fruition of their dreams and the products of their ingenuity, humans have seemed to turn a blind eye and a cold shoulder to the dire consequences of his actions.

Innovations in science and technology have posed a heavier load upon the shoulders of Mother Nature, from the seemingly endless line of cars that throng the busy highways, mercilessly emitting their noxious fumes to gargantuan factories spilling toxic substances directly to water forms, creating a hazard to the marine ecosystem.
The environment is facing a crisis as it is plagued by a perilous concoction of all sorts of pollution: air, water, land, and noise. Climate change, ozone depletion, overconsumption, radioactive waste, overpopulation, sea level rise, unauthorised mining, habitat destruction, species extinction fishing and logging practices, the list goes on. These environmental problems bring a vicious blow not only to the condition of the environment but the health and lives of its inhabitants as well.

Every minute the earth’s situation appears to be growing worse. The most startling part of it is they appear to remain unnoticed, as it has reached to the point that people have simply learned to live with these things, unaware of the threats lurking over their heads. The greatest environmental concern that the world is facing today stems from more than just the natural disasters or from the earth’s depleted resources. It is, in fact, the attitude of the people inhabiting the earth.
As the world’s population continues to grow, and an increase in consumption, demand and production occurs, the problem has warranted greater attention. The government has sought thousands of ways to solve this issue. Groundbreaking inventions aimed at halting the debilitating effects of the man’s own workings have been funded and initiated by the government. The effectiveness of some of these inventions is still undergoing the process of observation and further research is still being conducted. The act of recycling and reusing has been promoted and advocated by the government for several years.

Please to minimize and avoid unnecessary use of unrecyclable products can be found everywhere, from billboards to television ads. The government can remind people to tone down their activities and become responsible for their actions but they can only do so much. People have their own free will and in the end, the decision of how to act is entirely up to them.

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