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Roger Federer borns on 8 August 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. His father's name is Robert Federer belongs to Swiss-German. His mother's name is Lynette Federer. His mother belongs to South Africa. Roger Federer has one sister. Her name is Diana. He holds the citizenship of Switzerland and south Africa both. His height is 6ft 1inch.

He married to Miroslava Federer (Mirka). He met her in 2000 Sydney Olympics. They were married at Wenkenof villa in Riehen on 11 April 2009. He is father of two doughters and two sons. He currently lives in Bottmingen , Switzerland. 

In childhood Roger Federer lives in Birsfilden, Riehen. From his childhood he was found of playing sports. He can speaks many languages like Swiss, German, English and Italian also. Swiss- German is his mother tongue. He has also done Military training that is nessary for every Swiss person.

In early time, he served as a ball boy at his hometown. He was also found of playing badminton and basketball. Before joining the international tennis, he played as a junior player. 


Roger Federer is 37 years old right handed tennis player. He is greatest player of this era. From 1998  he starts playing for international cups. He holds world's number one tennis player rank in the ATP for total recorded 310 weeks. He ranked consistently in top 10 from 2012 to 2016. And in 2017 Australian Open  again in top 10. Rafael  Nadal and Novak Dejokovic is his current competitors. Basel University gives him doctorate degree. He won his first title in 1999 on challengers tour. He wins more Grand Slam tournament titles than any other men's single player.  His website name is

Social work-:

Roger Federer is a fantastic player as well as good social worker. He always helps allover the world when required. He donate lot of funds. He set up a Roger federer foundation that help in special childrens education. He also supports the South Africa - Swiss charity association which help in getting good health, sports and social for childrens of both the countries. 

In 2004,Tsunami he  done donation. In 2005, he also done donations for Hurricane Katrina victims. He was Goodwill Ambesador in UNICEF. He done work for AIDS awareness among peoples. He also done charity for 2010 Haiti earthquake along with other tennis players. He also gathered money through "Rally for Relief" for Queensland flood victims. 

Tennis Records of Roger Federer are given below - :

In Singles - :

Top ranking is No. 1 on 2 Feb. 2004. His current raking as of now from 10 Sep. 2018 is No. 2 in the world after Rafael Nadal. His career record is 1168-256 and titles 98.

Grand Slam singles - :
Australian Open  - 6 times (2004,2006,2007,2010,2017,2018)

French Open - 1 time in 2009

Wimbledon - 8 times (2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2009,2012,2017)

US Open - 5 times (2004,2005,2006,2007,2008)

In London Olympics games in 2012 he won silver madal.

In Doubles-:
His career top doubles raking is 24 on 9 June 2003. His career record is 129-89 and titles 8.

Grand Slam Dobles - :
Australian Open- (2003)

French Open- (2000)

Wimbledon - Quater final in 2000

US Open- (2002)

In Beijing Olympics 2008 won Gold along with   Stanislas Wawrinka.

* Live streaming between Roger Federer VS A  Zverev 

   🇨🇭                                                🇩🇪 
R Federe                                    A  Zverev

Head 2 Head      3                                     4

Age                        39                                 23

Birthplace Switzerland              Germany

Residence Switzerland       Monte Carlo 

Height               185                                  198

Weight               85                                     90

Plays                R                                    R

Turned Pro         1998                          2013 

YTD Won/lost       1/1                                9/4 

YTD Titles               0                                    1

Career Title       103                                   14

Career Prize Earn 
$129,981,743                                 $23,936,269

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