Car Insurance and Claims

       Car Insurance and  Claims

There are many useful of buying a car insurance. Car insurance policy claim is a  insurance claim that save the expenses arising from undetermined situations like an accident, theft, and any third-party liability. Car insurance is the only thing that  protect us and our car from financial exigencies due to any legal liability, physical damage,  collision, injury cases to you and third person. Buying car insurance is giving our vichile coverage against theft, fire, explosion, riots, accident and any type of damage due nature calamities. It's also help in personal accident coverage. There are different laws in different places to file a claim. So you should do your car insurance in time to handle any emergencies and protect yourself from traffic police also. You should always take care while choosing any insurance plans. Compare all the insurance companies plan  carefully to get better one. Read there terms and conditions also carefully. Choose where your money have worth. By doing this you can save your money. Look for coupons and discounts, because some companies gives good discounts. In the end of article, I will suggest you top car insurance companies to save your money. 

Buy best plan from top insurance policy companies. Buy in lowest premium. It also cover car lost or theft by someone else. Generally premium amount of  car insurance is calculated on the basis of Insured Declared Value of the vehicle. By increasing the Insured Declared Value, the premiums will be more and if you decrease it, the premium will be less. While you renew your car insurance than also take care to compare best plan for your vehicle insurance.

Always compare Auto insurance premiums - :

As comparing the auto insurance policies  it  save a some amount of money and give us better coverage options.Its tough task to comparing the policies manually. Because we have to do lot of surfing on Internet. There are many online companies that campare best policy for your vehicle. 

List is given below - :






These online sites search fairer policies  for our car. When you compare policies on these sites, you will definitely get some discount. That will save your money.  Purchase good policy. Compare your car policy online and see your auto insurance plan carefully before purchasing.

Plan before Comparing and types of policies - :

You should know what type of coverage you require. The liability policy is high paying than the comprehensive auto insurance policy but gives good facilities.  The coverage offered by liability policy differs from the comprehensive policy. Liability policy plan only covers third party liability. The comprehensive policy  covers  the Personal Accident which includes the damages to the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. It's amount is as per plan taken. Some extra add-on benefits are also offered by these vehicle insurance companies. You should always check personal accident cover included with additional insurance cover in under same plan.

Check for Insured Declare Value:

The rate of Insured Declare value depends upon the model of car to be assured. If model of car is older than its depreciation will be more and less the rate of Insured Declare value. The differnt rate of Insured Declare value indicates different rates of premiums. Insured Declared Value is the present value of the car after being calculated for the valuable reduction. It shows the amount  assured for your car.

Check and compare claim settlement : 

Fixing claim settlement is the  tough part of an insurance policy. Each buyer always think for irritating free claim process. They did not want to fill lot of forms, because form filling is headache task. But every car insurance company has its own terms and conditions, procedures. So it is nessary to read terms and conditions and look for which suits you for quickly claims settlement recovery.

Main types of Car insurance coverage - :

Comprehensive Coverage- Most popular among the peoples because it includes end to end coverage. The comprehensive coverage is an extensive and covers damage to car, theft, third party legal liability and personal accident cover. The policy coverage extended by  its includes accessories cover, engine covers , zero depreciation cover, medical expenses. Comprehensive coverage is easy and less pain taking to vichile owners.

Third Party Liability Coverage -  The third Party Liability cover is legally mandatory.  The third Party car insurance provides cover including  legal liability to third party caused when we are found to be faulty driver by the jury. It includes damage and injury both caused by you to third person.

Collision Coverage - When the vehicle's collision takes place to another vehicle or hit somewhere than it works lot for us. The collision coverage saves the insured financially against damage of their own car. It pays the insured for damage caused by collision which is usually an accident. It does not covers theft case.

Reasons behind Car Insurance not get paid - :

(a) If a policy is expired you had not renewed it in time. 

(b) Poor condition of Car and its body parts. 

(c) If driver is under age and supoose to not  drive vichile. Unauthorised driveing. 

(d) Not have valid driving license from appropriate authorities. 

(e) If driver found to be drive the vehicle after consuming alcohol or any type of drug. 

(f) Not having vehicle last servicing receipt and record. 

(g) Fire to vehicle due to fuel or oil leakage. 

(h) Damage to vehicles due to overspeeding. 

(I) Not following the car manual guidelines.

Documents must need for Car Insurance claim-:
You must have some documents to claim the insurance. 

(a) Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle. 

(b) Copy of the Insurance certificate. 

(c) Valid driving license. 

(d) Valid ID proof. 

(e) Bank details and account number. 

(f) Required to be filled some documents of the policy assured company.

Following details to be required to compare car insurance policies - :

(a) Car model number

(b) Make of car

(c) Vehicle Registration Number

(d) Insurance expires date

(e) Name of Owner 

(f) Type of fuel CNG, petrol or diesel, because CNG vehicles insured little high premiums as compared to other. 

List of top car insurance companies - :

(a) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company 

(b) HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company 

(c) National Insurance Company 

(d) The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd

(e) Bharati AXA Motor Insurance Company 

(f) Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd

(g) The New a India Assurance Co. Ltd

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