Environmental management systems is developed by International Organisations for standardization, ISO 14001 for specific requirements of implementing its policies and government regulations. Its policies carry structure, planing and things for maintaining, developing and implementing for environmental protection. This includes managing resources like manpower, equipment and proper documentation records so that meet the goals.

EMS role is to minimum the waste and increase compliance. Offer a framework that addresses the educational approach needed to realize such a demand of environmental protection. Their plans and environmental models keep agriculture contracting rather than increasing productivity. Hence, it is more appropriate for the developing countries to relate to the identified objective of the world Conversation strategy - 

(a) Maintenance of essential ecological process 

(b) Preservation of genetic diversity 

(c) Sustainable utilization 

Participation in these efforts have clear and defined role to perform in order to achieve a sustainable society. Public should be able to get effective technical information on 'constructive and healthy' stories, communication and present technical information in simple and effective modes. 
Political leaders must have excellent briefing skills, ability to appeal to self interest. Industry should be able to install an 'environmental culture' with in management structures and encourage full approach to environmental management. The Non-government organisations (NGOs) should be supportive and positive role by forming groups.

The teaching of environmental management systems is an art in itself. Peoples related to this need to possess an up to date knowledge and be able to evaluate critically the notions of development in context with sustainable society. Critical component of learning and imparting environmental education is the acknowledgement of indigenous wisdom. Environmental Management systems provide training to learn and understand which systems is best at your own capacity. 
Environmental management systems identify the way that the any company interact with the environment and provide guide to avoid negative impacts. 

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