FilmStruck is a film streaming service from Turner Classic Movies which caters to cinephiles. Its stuff generally on classic, rare, foreign, arthouse, and independent cinema.

 The latest is devastating for anyone who likes old films. It's disappointing for FilmStruck lovers that it's going to shutdown soon, officially on 29 November 2018. FilmStruck was also a wonderful salve for movie lovers tired of Netflix’s dwindling catalog of films not made by Netflix. That service was excellent in its growup years because it had what seemed like every DVD ever printed. 

FilmStruck provides streaming type of services to public. Start work for film industry in 2016. FilmStruck founded in Atlanta by the Turner Broadcasting system. It's official website is 

FilmStruck had started its journey on 1,Nov. 2016.  FilmStruck had 500 movies in its stream for public at the beginning. Among them 200 belongs to the Criterion Collection library. In the beginning of 2018, the combined channels on the service provide access to over 1600 films. It's most films licensed from the Criterion Collection. 

As on 26 April 2018, FilmStruck has been stand alone for service Warner Archive Instant, with prasent and new subscribers to the its website.

As on 26 October 2018, it was announced that due to Warner Media's restructuring the FilmStruck would shut down on 29 November 2018. 

Decision was made before AT&T closed its deal along Time Warner although that  strategy aligns with the new WarnerMedia blueprint to shift resources to mass-market entertainment services. Adding that the company would be trying to find ways we can bring our library and original content back to the digital space as soon as possible. 

It succeeded in Hulu as the exclusive online streaming home of the Criterion Collection in the United States. Films available on FilmStruck come from studios and distributors such as First Run Features, film movement, Global Lens, Icarus Films, Janus Films, Kino, MGM, Milestone,  Warner Bros, Oscilloscope Laboratories etc. 

FilmStruck arranged films in themed collections.  The  Criterion Channel had original content like 'Meet the Filmmaker' and 'Adventures in Moviegoing' series, five-minute micro-lectures etc. It also contains  thematic programmes like Friday double features, Tuesday short and feature film pairings.

 FilmStruck some films feature hosted introductions only. 
The site is not accepting any new subscribers. It also not adding new films.

All present FilmStruck subscribers will receive an email with details about their account and the refund process as applicable. For more help email the customer service team at

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