PRIVATE CLOUD BENIFITS

Its important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of public, private, and hybrid models first before going to chooseing the clouds to company's work. A private cloud is dedicated to the requirements and goals of a business unlike  public cloud that fulfill the requirements of group of companies. A private cloud is maintained by individual enterprises. A private cloud is depends on resources and infrastructure of a business. Instead of private cloud and public cloud, a hybrid cloud needs to be high level of compatibility between the software and services used by both public and private clouds. 

Public cloud doesn't make sense, whether its customization, scale, or something else. A public cloud is provided by an independent third party like Amazon Web services (AWS), Microsoft that maintains all the data access by the costomers. IT and business leaders are certainly feeling the pressure to get their organizations work become digital. By changing business environment, it's no secret that  IT companies simply can not meet the needs of these speedy working days. That is the reason why organizations have been embracing the private cloud faster than ever. 

The public cloud model is not always the best choice, especially for medium and large enterprises. The first point is that everything is not going to be in public clouds, includes only the media hype. Research shows that by 2021 only 35% of all workloads will be in public clouds. Other 24% will be in private clouds and the rest 41% will continue running on legacy, on-premises infrastructure. Majority of workloads that fall into the traditional on premises category are legacy systems that will now require infrastructure  elasticity.

Collaboration and communication platforms do and will eventually fully transfer to either public or private clouds. Big enterprises will likely spread the private cloud infrastructure in their own data centers where medium size companies will likely leverage a hosting provider, but either are viable options. Private clouds do provide a better option but for certain organizations with specific requirements. A private cloud may be more cost-effective than using a public cloud service.

Reasons to choose Private Cloud-:

(a) Customize process and tools ¬

A private cloud allows for the processes to fit the current workforce. Whereas public clouds are made for the masses and that means the cloud providers offer highly standardized tools and processes. It means  your organization will likely need to alter its processes to work around the standardized set of tools. What will that organisation do if that's not an option? What will happen if  business does something a certain that is  be unchanged ? For example, in a contact center, workflows may be built in a certain way to hand customer inquiries efficiently.In this way  a public cloud, that may need to be altered to fit the service. If organisations needs to customize cloud tools and processes to meet its unique business requirements, private clouds can provide that facilities whereas public clouds can't. Most Of private cloud building blocks useing Linux as their underlying operating system and there is a veritable cornucopia of Linux-based tools to automate processes and eliminate labor intensive tasks. By this it saves the working hours of technical staff.

(b)  Compliance and regulatory needs ¬

Often data is not store locally in  public clouds Although that are available almost anywhere in the world. Unless business is in one of main countries like  USA, Germany etc. data is very LIKELY to be stored in another country. Organizations in regulated verticals such as healthcare and financial services using a public cloud could little violating industry regulations and result in stiff fines and penalties.  Private clouds would  give business direct control over precious data like call records, customer information. Public clouds control data access and storage. It makes regulatory and internal compliance mandates that are much easier to handle.

(c) Economic scaling ¬

The economic cost of scaling is  the most significant reason that a business might want to consider a private cloud.Private and public clouds scale automatically.In public clouds, costs grow as the service scales increase. Organizations that transfer badly written data code to a public cloud that had got surprised shock when they got their large bills.  Web conferencing use  is an excellent example of economic scaling within a private cloud.In public clouds, its critical to get business application home in order first. There may be requirement of rewriting apps to be cloud native versus that can transfer. In private clouds organization would pay a little utilization fee and would be able to add capacity to the infrastructure. 

(d) Security ¬

Private clouds provides tremendous security to a business. By taking public clouds can't mention that they are either more secure or less secure than private clouds, it's only depends on the implementation of each.  Microsoft like companies have excellent security when compared to some other cloud provider. Means private clouds are single tenant solutions and the enterprise has direct control over the security of the software, hardware, network, data center, and other elements. Private clouds provides good control over security of enterprise than public clouds.

(e)   Choice of transfer to a hybrid cloud ¬

  Over a time many organizations want to shift  hybrid cloud model. There is always choice to companies that opt for a private cloud  to connect a public cloud. Transfer from private to hybrid may prove to be an easier task than transfer from public to hybrid. When a private cloud is built, the company have option to choose a public cloud service that interoperates with the private cloud stack. By selecting the public cloud first may limit infrastructure choices. The digital transformation is putting much pressure on companies to ran quickly. There is requirement of shift the legacy IT system to digital who are too slow and rigid to be the agile foundation rules and regulations. The pr ivate cloud is the platform of the digitalization but the public cloud doesn't always to be by the default. In beginning private cloud can stable business nicely because it has many options to shift and security.

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