PUBG Game

Description - :
Thesedays popular game (PUBG) full name is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It is a survival game. Players have to safeguard himself till the end to win. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game.

 PUBG is basically a 100 player battle royale game It is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is  a South Korean subsidiary video game. It's company is  Bluehole. You don't need to know other players to have a good time.  It can be play by yourself. This game  provide a lot of joy. It is multiplayer game that needs  constant connection to the internet. Each server can have  up to 99 players. This game can be play on both mobile as well as PC. 
In Cross-platform play PUBG Mobile may not be exactly what we looking for but it is working in a limited capacity. 

PUBG Mobile is now available  on iOS and Android devices. The new released mobile version of Fortnite, which is currently only available to select iOS users who have signed up for the invite only test. The PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free. It can be download for both iOS and Android devices from the App and Google Play stores.

Adding friends in PUBG Mobile is a quite  easy and straightforward process. When a friend is in your friends list, you can play matches with them. Can also send them a message. Even more check out their player profile. Can type a brief message. This step is on your mood. 

PUBG mobile players are pretty sure the game is full of bots. The person ran right up to me with a shotgun, shot around, reloaded, wobbled a bit and repeated. PUBG mobile is a robust iOS and Android port of the popular battle royale game. Which allows 100 players to fight to the death. 

PUBG makes us combat for starters, is great practise. PUBG's combat mechanics are a little odd and mastering those makes a massive difference to how many final-10 situations you'll win.

How much RAM required - :

Its app is a 1.5 GB game. In 2 GB ram phone it works probably right. Phones that have much ram above 3GB it play nicely.
Tencent's official Android emulator has got support for PUBG Mobile for Android. That giving users an official emulator to play the mobile game on Windows. To start playing PUBG Mobile on your Windows PC, you can download the official Gaming Buddy emulator, which has been developed by Tencent Games.

Red Zone in PUBG Game¬

The red zone is a danger zone which falls randomly on map after the game starts. Later a certain period of time, the red zone gets bombed and once hit, player gets big damage. You can servive yourself  in a building within the red zone. Otherwise you have to be out of the red zone to avoid the bombing.

Invite Friends to play ¬

You have to click the up arrow next to "Invite Friends". Then you will add them by clicking the "+" symbol next to their name.  And that's all you need to know about adding friends and playing with in squads and duos in PUBG Mobile.
PUBG mobile starts you out against bots to “ease” you into the game.  PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now on your mobile device just like Fortnite.if you were playing on PC or Xbox can win easily.

How to Play PUBG Game?

Player will be spawn in the plane. He has need to choose somewhere to land. There is dedicated guide on the best PUBG loot locations on Erangel and Miramar. It also on specific pages on the Erangel map and Miramar map too. The short version here is that you have to avoid high-traffic areas like major towns and cities. And find a safe small place to get some weapons and equipment on your own risk.
When you will all set before red zone starts. You have to go in white circles only.

 Players will need to find safe spots to rest, loot and defend them self along the way. The player count gradually drops, until player ideally reach among the last some players. That point, generally people's strategies go out of the door. 

Now some advanced tips for winning that final fight to the end.
The PUBG is not only a typical shooter game. But aim is to survive himself upto end, not to get the most kills.  You can win without getting a single one kill.The argument goes that everyone else will kill each other anyway, so why expose yourself to the risk? Usual shooter strategy needs to adapt. If you do get spotted hiding in a bush, it helps to know how to shoot the one who found you. 

The top ranking players who are aiming to compete at upcoming tournaments simply rely on 'boring' stealth strategies, like hiding offshore on boats, to see them through to the final gunfight at the end of a round.

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