Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel)| Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang) |

Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang) |

Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang)
Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) 

Rohtang pass is located near Manali of Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) is constructed underneath it. Rohtang pass is on Pir Panjal range mountain of Himalayas.Its height is 3,978m above sea level. On the front side of Rohtang pass,Manali town is situated and the other side Lahaul Velly falling.

 Around 20,000 peoples are living in Lahaul Velly. But in winter season, this Lahaul Velly disconnect from all over India due to heavy snowfall in Rohtang Pass. This amount of population lives in very difficult conditions in winter time. Around 5 months, Manali-Leh national highway remains blocked due to snow and opens in summer. Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) is made to help these peoples. 

 By seeing these difficulties,Indian government dicided to make Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) underneath the Rohtang pass range. Rohtang tunnel work was begun in 28 June 2010. Around 60km distance has been reduced to reach kelong of Lahaul Velly. Before rohtang tunnel, it was taking 7 to 8 hours to reach kelong from Manali of distance 85km. But now it will take only 2 to 3 hours. 

This rohtang tunnel will help Lahaul Velly peoples to connect to other part of India throughout year in all weather conditions. By building Rohtang tunnel will bring new opportunities of development and strategic importance Also. It is among longest tunnel of India. It's end to end met work fineshed in October 2017. After full work finish of Rohtang tunnel) Atal tunnel) tourist could be able to reach Leh sooner. Rohtang tunnel may be open for public in 2020. PM  Modi rename Rohtang tunnel as Atal tunnel. 

Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang)
Atal tunnel work near solang Velly 

It is definitely a milestone on Manali- Leh haiway. Now kelong distance will be 25km from north end of tunnel.

 Specifications of Rohtang tunnel -: 

 Length of tunnel - 8.8km (5.5)mil 

 Width of tunnel - 10m (33)ft

 Rohtang tunnel elevation- 3,100m (10,171)ft

 Manali- kelong distance reduce - 60km

 NO. of lanes - Two way

 Vehicles maximum speed - 80km/hrs

 Vehicles minimum speed - 30km/hrs

 Visibility factor - 0.009/m 

 Pollution levels control - Within 90sec

 For Monitoring - CCTV cameras placed

 South end of tunnel - Dhundi village

 North end of tunnel - Teling village 

 Shape of tunnel - Horseshoe

Constructed techniques- blasting and            

 Rohtang tunnel has operated and maintained by BRO (Border roads Organisations). This tunnel is in two way, one for each direction. This route is also important for military supplies and convey. Rohtang tunnel is slightly west of Rohtang pass, not exactly underneath it. South end of Rohtang tunnel started near solang Velly Dhundi village which is on bank of river beas and north end is open at near Teling village which is situated at the bank of Chenab river.

Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang)
Rohtang tunnel(Atal tunnel) from North 

For rohtang tunnel ventilation semi-transverse systems is used. One more emergency tunnel of 2.25m hight and 3.6 width will be made beneath the cross section of main tunnel. In November 2017 tunnel is only open for emergency situations for patients when helicopter facilities not available due to bad weather. 

Yet Civilian are not allowed to enter inside the tunnel. Work of finishing is under progress and will be completed soon. The Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) will be open for public in 2020 after work of concert road, fire points, proper ventilation, telephone booths and security points. The Rohtang tunnel project cost is around 40 billion INR or 250 million Euro. 

Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) Connection to Lahaul Velly (Keylang)
Rohtang tunnel (Atal tunnel) work on progress 

As many high quality safety equipment has been installed to safeguard Rohtang tunnel from heavy snowfall. For evacuation during emergency if main tunnel is blocked due to any reason a tunnel of 2.25m hight and 3.6m width has been made beneath the main tunnel cross-section. Goatherd and their animals can be goes through this emergency tunnel during heavy snowfall when everything blocked. After completion, it will become tourists attraction point and more people will follow this route to leh- Laddkh. 

By witness the high traffic pollution checking will be main factor. Sensors to check the pollution level will keep updating data in monitoring room and if pollution will near the danger zone then quantity of fresh air injection will be more. For monitoring inside the tunnel CCTV cameras placed at equal distances. Pollution can be control within 90sec with two heavy duty fans installed at both the end of tunnel to eject fresh air inside. Fire hydrants can control fire with in minutes. It has capacity to ply 3000 vehicles per day in any weather conditions. This time electrical and ventilation work is on progress and will be finished soon.

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