Best Money Saving Tips for Travel Plan

Best Money Saving Tips for Travel Plan

Travel Plan is definitely confusing task for us. 
You may  check locally for any travel agents and see what they have to offer.That way you can go and have some face time with them since they will have questions for you and your trip.
For what its worth, its that difficult to research and plan your own trip. 

There are still travel books written on the subject and then if there is also google too.

I did my first solo trip by reading a travel book and just planned it from there.

Something to consider for your trip is that the cost to fly there maybe expensive, such as more than 1K depending on where, when and how you fly. 

I understand that you say you have 10 days and maybe thats all you have, but it can get spendy for just 2 weeks.
If you have more money than time to plan, the disregard the hints below and find a local travel agent.

But here are somethings to consider if you decide to do this trip.

Book for  Round  Trip

Round trip vs Open Jaw tickets. Round trip (R/T) is obvious. Open Jaw (O/J) tickets come in handy when you want to travel around alot. So you fly into one city and out of another. Open jaw are usually more expensive but i hope you can see the benefits of using them. If you can plan a circular route to bring you back to where you start, then a round trip ticket is a good deal.

Book your tickets before, for cheaper prices

You can book your own flights and trains there. Its not that difficult to do. But you need to know that booking trains cant be done anytime. Depending on where you go, you maybe only able to book 3 months out at the most. Some countries less and some more. For example the Eurostar that goes between London and Paris can be booked 6 months out. Also, its a really popular run and so you need to book early to get a good price. If you dont, i saw prices reach 300+ USD one way. If you want to cross borders via train, the prices take on airline style pricing, so the sooner you make that purchase the less expensive it is.

Use trains for Movement

 If you want to book local planes to get around, the same things apply overthere as it does here. The sooner the better and usually the less expensive. But whats really nice is that the train infrastructure in Europe is way more developed so you can just about get anywhere via train. One thing to remember about trains is that they "go from city center to city center". So you dont have to worry about how to get from the airport to town and back again once you leave that place. Theres a website that has a boat load of info for train travel for the world.


Lodging is low hanging fruit. There are many lodging search engines such as or or ect. There are lodging recommendations in travel books too and they will have prices or price ranges.

Use Google Map for nearest attractions

If you are going to move about and on such as short time, look at a map of where you want to go and then look for places close by. Whats close? you can use google maps and look at travel distances and use them as an estimate. The more you move about the less you will see other than the inside of a plane, train, or bus. If you want to do cross borders, then consider the time to do so and the future away you may want to consider flying then. Also dont forget that you need to show up about 2 hr before your flight.

Once you arrive, you can always look for local tours

For your info, my Open Jaw tickets from PDX to Europe has run me in the 1.3K range. But thats Open Jaw. I did a Non Stop (N/S) R/T to AMS this past March and my ticket price was 800 USD. There were less expensive tickets but not at the time and day i wanted to go. Also, you may not be able to find them all the time. I used AMS as my gateway into Europe. AMS has a train station under the airport and i used it to get to Brussels and other places from there. Once you know how to use the trains and transportation system over there getting somewhere is usually a piece of cake.

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