Smartphone Health Care : Doctor on Demand

Smartphone Health Care : Doctor on Demand

Smartphone is the only way so few doctors and nurses can provide care to Americans on online, doctor on demand. That is true today and will be even needed when we sign up for mandated health insurence.

There are two factors of this mobile health care health/fitness apps and FDA cleared / approved mobile medical apps. Smartphones enable individuals / patients to conveniently access apps on smartphones. 

Getting knowledge of

--credible health information

--symptom checkers

--calories in foods calculators

--nutrition guidance

--medication management and

--chronic condition (diabetes, heart, obesity)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies have been shown to be effective in helping to manage chronic disease, post-acute care, and monitoring the safety of the older adult population.

A number of remote patient monitoring technology-enabled innovations can improve the health and independence of older adults. 

RPM (remote patient monitoring) and activity tracking technologies can

--help older adults slow progression of chronic disease

--ensure continued recovery after being discharged from an acute care setting and

--alert caregivers and prompt intervention when a vulnerable older adult is injured or at risk for a health reversal.

People of all ages can similarly exploit health / fitness apps for themselves and family members. Eric Topol, a respected cardiologist, advised "people should start now entertaining the idea of replacing the need for regular hospitals with smartphone health services."
Topol's experience is that "monitoring [thanks to the advances of remote monitoring capabilities] can be done at home, and will be far less expensive than trips to convenient and urgent care clinics and hospital emergency departments."

Not surprisingly, doctors observed, "Social networking is going to be one of the most important parts of the digital infrastructure. That is to propel the future of medicine and healthcare."

Phones, tablets, and wearables are being used to take regular vitals and keep data of patients. Doctors and nurses can take check up of the patient directly using smartphones heath care apps which can show how to run a procedure. App maker can even teach family members the different types of patient care using mobile communication apps. Thus by the use of smartphone healthcare providers are taking a more prominent role in guiding their patients about dease in the right way. Definitely, it has  improved the quality of health care drastically.

Now doctors and nurses are able to keep accurate and descriptive notes. Some mistakes are made due to ineligible handwritings. Mobile apps could run automatic checks on prescriptions and decisions. As a result, prescription errors have decrease significantly. As bedside tools, these devices are helping fastly recognize causes and symptoms of pathogens and infectious diseases.

Some care with Technology

In concern of care and medical regulation, and authorities’ role in regulating health-related apps  there is still a improvement needed. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration has only authorised to regulate apps that meet the regulatory and safety definition of regulated medical devices. This excluding a long list of medical apps that may induce harmful information to the consumers if the apps malfunction. 

For example, one recent study found that three of four smartphone apps incorrectly display some data. Instead of this, there are many apps that help in medication dosage calculations that also could be harmful. So medical regulation authorities,  health policy makers, should consider establishing some guidelines to allow users to critically appraise health-related smartphone apps. Such guidelines could also feed directly into the app stores term and conditions regulation policies.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of hand-held healthcare? What is the best path to achieving smartphone-delivered care?

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