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  What is  IaaS? |Knowledgespot

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is a form of cloud computing. IaaS gives virtualized computing resources over the Internet.

Generally cloud computing is of three types:

(1) IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

(2) SaaS (Software as a Service)

(3) PaaS (Platform as a Service)

IaaS is the basic layer in cloud computing models like Digital Ocean, Linden, Racspace, Cisco Metapod, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE).
IaaS is a service model that delivers computer infrastructure on an outsourse basis to support enterprise operations.

IaaS provides following components - :

(1) Servers

(2) Storage

(3) Network Hardware

(4) Virtualization

The cloud computing service provider manages the infrastructure while purchasing, installing, configuration and managing own software, operating systems  middleware and applications.

IaaS provide high level application programming interface which is used to indirection of other low level network infrastructure like data partitioning, physical computing resources, location, security, backup and recovery.

Types of Applications for IaaS - :

(a) Digital business

(b) Agile Projects

(c) Datacenter substitution

(d) Batch Computing

IaaS virtualization of the cloud operation system can support large numbers of virtual machines. IaaS has also ability to scale up and down according to consumers. IaaS enables consumers to track balance network traffic, troubleshooting applications issue, cost monitoring and manage recovery.
From these services IaaS users can do autonation and orchestration in higher levels for infrastructure tasks.

IaaS customers can access resources and services through a wide area network such as Internet. Customers can use the cloud provider services to install the remaining elements of an application stack.

Companies select Iaas because it is easy to use, faster, more cost-effective to operate a workload without having to purchase, manage and support the underlying infrastructure. IaaS make easier to business to rent another one. 

IaaS is an effective model for workloads that are temporary and experimental. 
IaaS customers pay on a uses basis like hours, weeks or months. Although some IaaS providers also charge customers based on the amount of virtual space they use over a period of time.

IaaS providing virtual components so that you can create own IT platform on it. IaaS provides pulling of clients from multiple servers and networks that are distributed across numerous of databases own and maintained by the cloud provider.
IaaS increase business agility and scalability that are key to drive business. 

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