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         Garnu fruit (Carissa Spinarum) 

garnu - fruit
Garnu fruit

GARNU fruit (Carissa Spinarum)  is a delicious and health benifitial small size fruit. Its bushes grows in wasteland naturally in forests. Unripe garnu fruit is green in colour while ripe ones is in violate colour.

 In different parts of Asia it has many names like garnu fruit, Carissa spinarum, kali, kalvi, karamacha, vaka, garna, kharu, Karunda, avighna, kalakal etc. Peoples eat it in very charming way. 

garnu- fruit
Garnu fruit flowers 

Garnu fruit is a thorny Bush. Garnu fruit is wild fruit and not grown by farmers. It's bush height is around 4ft to 5ft. It's branches are like fork. It has long and sharp thorns. Its leaves are small in size. Its wood is very hard. It's flowers are white in colour. It's bark is light brown in colour.

Garnu fruit flowers 

Garnu fruits grow in monsoon time. It's flowers observed to be blossom in summer season. It's fruit takes much time to cultivation. It's take around full year. It's fruits are cultivate in winter season.

It's yield is approximate avarage 250 gram from a bush. Garnu fruit contains more than half moisture and soluble solids. Garnu fruit contains acid, types of sugars, pectin, tannin and vitamin C . Protein is also found in garnu. In its fruit magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron also found in small quantities.

In market, you will not get garnu fruit generally. Because its too small to choosen from bush and to sell. It contains so many nutrients and protein. Eating garnu fruit is very health benifitial because it grows in its own and not carrying any type of fertiliser.

Uses  of Garnu fruit (Carissa Spinarum) - :

° It's fruits carry many nutrients so good to eat for heath benifits.

° By eating garnu fruit many deases go away and give body fitness. 

° Honeybee extracts raw material from its flowers in Summer time.

° Sheeps and goats are likes to eat its leaves and gives us very healthy milk.

° Garnu fruit wood used by the villagers as firewood in there kitchens. Its wood gives more energy as compared to other tree wood. So it is good source of energy for villagers.

° It's thorny branches are used for making fench to safe guard crops from wild animals.

° Garnu fruit wood used for making household articles.

° Some traditional hunters used its thorny branches for catching wild animals.

° Garnu fruit leaves milky gum used for curing wounds. 

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