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Enjoy the beauty of Nature


God has given us lot of beauty of Nature. Each people likes naturalthings because nature has given us birth. Man has developed himself in nature.Nature gives us food to eat, lot of water to drink and shelter to live.
In this modern artificial world, man has made himself so busy like office to home and home to office. In mean time busy in his mobile, PC, laptop or in watching TV. In this busy time, they have not time to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Some people grow  grass in their lawn, flowers in pot in front of their houses to add some natural beauty in home himself.

Nature gives us snow mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, oceans and many amazing and wonderful places. But greedy people instead of care and enjoy the beauty of nature, continue to distory it. We should grow more trees to increase its beauty.Life is small so you should take initiative to enjoy the life. Work never finesh. Give some time to yourself. Ask from yourself, what I have done for …



People devote a great deal of time awaiting love, wanting love to find them, seeking out, and even longing for that exceptional love. The sad thing is that when they don’t find love or love doesn’t find them, they feel worthless and bewildered. Craving someone to satisfy the emptiness. Sadly, life does not operate in that manner. You have to learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is primarily about respecting yourself. Self-respect is merely the most reliable way to generate and share love in your personal life. To search for love from someone or something externally and then not satisfying that need, will ultimately leave you feeling un-happier than you were to begin with. Think about the person that you love and respect the most. The way you love and respect that person is the way you need to love and respect yourself if you want to be loved and respected by someone else. Realizing the significance of loving yourself will improve your knack for loving others. You have…



The different types of solar panels are simple enough for anyone to understand but first, they need to know about the main kinds. Crystalline silicon is perhaps the most common out of all types of solar cell devices around today. Of the crystalline silicon solar cells, there are two different types which are single crystalline (monocrystalline) and poly-crystalline (multi-crystalline) silicon. 

Both types of solar cells are equally fragile, expensive and require the same kind of careful handling but still have their differences in terms of operation.

Aside from their similarities, each type does have a couple differences which make them different from others. Monocrystalline solar panels are best known for their obvious expensive characteristics but their high power output and profound efficiency are what set them apart from all other types of cells. 
Many consumers using these single cell solar panels complain about their peculiar shape that leads to one o…



The basic idea of ​​creating salt caves is to create and use an environment that is beneficial to the human organism. This environment mimicking the oceanic microclimate is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements that are so much needed to enhance the body. The salt cave has walls lined with salt ore, and the salt crystals cover the floor. The special heating and air conditioning system in the salt cave has the effect that the salt evaporates ionizing air (negative ions) and saturating it with valuable compounds of iodine, bromine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium and other ingredients. Their concentration at 20 to 23 degrees would be several times higher than at sea.
One therapy in the salt cave takes 45 minutes. During this time, clients lie on deck chairs while listening to relaxing music and dim light. The so-called "color therapy" or "light therapy" stimulates the body, fills you with new energy, soothes the senses and i…



Man is insatiable by nature. Aside from the number of inevitable basic commodities that must be met, people possess an unappeasable longing for dazzling new things. People are living life in the fast lane. This intemperate clamoring has caused man to squander the gifts of nature and has lead to an insufficiency of resources to meet the population’s growing needs. One concrete example is the cutting of trees without replacing them, subsequently leading to deadly natural calamities such as flashfloods and landslides.
Humans, on their constant quest for bigger and better things, have utilized the limitless power of their minds by creating things, which will cater to their desires. While watching, with pride and pleasure, the fruition of their dreams and the products of their ingenuity, humans have seemed to turn a blind eye and a cold shoulder to the dire consequences of his actions.
Innovations in science and technology have posed a heavier load upon the should…



Lemon has many health benefits. It is easily available in market. It is found in different - different types of sizes in all over the world from small to large size. Unripe Lemon is green in colour while ripe one has yellowish. Its branches have lot of thorns. It's plants attain height  from 4ft to10ft. Lemon bush is called to be of rue species.

Peoples consumes it as salad, juice, pickle, preserve (muraba) etc. In summer time peoples like to take its juice for getting refreshed. It's fruit contains seed, pulp and citrus.

It's plant is normally evergreen. It's flowers blossom in summer. Its fruits grow in monsoon season. And it's citrus cultivated in winter season. It's fruit ripe slowly in winter. But these days it's many hybrid seeds comes in market that gives yield through out the year. Small plants starts giving the lemon in its 3rd year of planting. 
It contains types of nutrients like pectin, acid, vitamin C in large amount.

Various …

Garnu Fruit (Carissa Spinarum)

Garnu fruit (Carissa Spinarum) 

GARNU fruit (Carissa Spinarum)  is a delicious and health benifitial small size fruit. Its bushes grows in wasteland naturally in forests. Unripe garnu fruit is green in colour while ripe ones is in violate colour.

In different parts of Asia it has many names like garnu fruit, Carissa spinarum, kali, kalvi, karamacha, vaka, garna, kharu, Karunda, avighna, kalakal etc. Peoples eat it in very charming way. 

Garnu fruit is a thorny Bush. Garnu fruit is wild fruit and not grown by farmers. It's bush height is around 4ft to 5ft. It's branches are like fork. It has long and sharp thorns. Its leaves are small in size. Its wood is very hard. It's flowers are white in colour. It's bark is light brown in colour.

Garnu fruits grow in monsoon time. It's flowers observed to be blossom in summer season. It's fruit takes much time to cultivation. It's take around full year. It's fruits are cultivate in winter season.

It's yield is approx…


Know Your  Child 

In this era of competition every parent wants his child on  top rank. They want there children to become all-rounder. Due to this mantility they engage children in many learning activities. And children schedule is somewhat like this - 

School- 8am to 2pm

Tuition - 4pm to 5:30pm

Sports-  6pm to 7pm

Music-   0715 to 8pm

Homework - 9pm to 10pm

Then lights off. In holiday there will be extra class of Maths and mental ability. Due to this they have not time for other nessary things to learn.

Parents should know the following facts-: 

DON'T MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS BY CHILD ABILITIES Generally parents are in competition with other parents. They measure their success by  the yardstick of how many skills their child has as compared to other children. If their child not performing well they think that is failure. Don't handle child as objects. 


Indipendence, confidence, leadership, communication, decisions making  problem solving can only b…

Good luck objects

Good Luck Objects 

Every one wants good luck in there life. Each people wants success, happiness, money and prosperity. These good luck objects saves us from obstacles come in our day to day life. They also saves us from bad eyes of evil peoples. There we are providing information about some Good luck Objects. You can keep these objects in your home and then enjoy there positive effects in your life.

List of objects is given below-:

°TURTLE - : Turtle live long and no wonder, symbolise longevity. More interestingly, when a turtle in dreams shows up in your life you should pay attention. They apparently represent great life opportunities that chances you should avail in time.

° Elephant - : Elephant is a symbol of power  strength, long life, patience, wisdom, loyalty, energy and good luck. You can gift elephant for anyone's successfull life.

° Frog - : Frog is a little known lucky charm. Frogs, reportedly stand for positive transformations and bring happiness. It is also a good gift fo…

Sri Lanka Amazing place

                           Sri Lanka Tour

SriLanka is known for its beauty and religious places. Srilanka is the part of Asia and surrounded by Indian Ocean. It contains religious and cultural diversity. It is the place of natural beauty. It includes historical importance also. Its has colourful and impassioned pasts. The history played out, of which there is much to see in the vast array of architecture, museums and galleries has all been forged however against a common background - that being one of the sheer beauty.

It Offord unique vantage points such as Kandy and Nuwara Eliza in the hill parts. Mountains surrounded in fog, waterfalls as reflect as glass and tea gardens gives heart touching experience. Tropical climate all round the year ensures that a colourful dense population of flora and fauna inhabits this jewel of a land. It has highest biodiversity per 10000 square in the whole of Asia and among them many species are endemic to the land.
It has list of  different types of s…

Earn online money

                        Earn online money

Each person wants to earn some extra income. It can be done by online platform. Earing online is not a very tough task. There are several ways of online earning.
In  free time we spend our valuable time in watching Youtube videos, movies and in playing games but gets nothing instead of wasting time. we can nutilize our time to earn some money. In this article I will tell you, how you can do this. Here are the ways to earn online for your extra income.

Google is the great source of information that gives us knowledge about so many things what we want in just a fraction of second. And this information can be get from anyplace and whatever is time. Internet already helped many to earn online money. There are many ways for earning via Internet to get some money. That can be earn without any initial investment. These online earning platforms requires only some of your time for work and little brain to use.

Some online jobs are-:

° Amazon Affiliate prog…

Roger federer

                          Roger federer 

Roger Federer borns on 8 August 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. His father's name is Robert Federer belongs to Swiss-German. His mother's name is Lynette Federer. His mother belongs to South Africa. Roger Federer has one sister. Her name is Diana. He holds the citizenship of Switzerland and south Africa both. His height is 6ft 1inch.

He married to Miroslava Federer (Mirka). He met her in 2000 Sydney Olympics. They were married at Wenkenof villa in Riehen on 11 April 2009. He is father of two doughters and two sons. He currently lives in Bottmingen , Switzerland. 

In childhood Roger Federer lives in Birsfilden, Riehen. From his childhood he was found of playing sports. He can speaks many languages like Swiss, German, English and Italian also. Swiss- German is his mother tongue. He has also done Military training that is nessary for every Swiss person.

In early time, he served as a ball boy at his hometown. He was also found of playing badminton …


          Guavas benifits and farming

Guava is a delicious and health benifitial fruit. Everyone likes to eat Guava due to its amazing taste. Some common names of guavas are Amrud, jam fal, Peroo, jama pandu etc. Unripe guava is green in colour and ripe guavas have yellowish or red colour. Gavas generally cultivated in September month. From inside it has two types of colour white and red. Both have different flavour. Gauva plant grows in monsoon season because it requires more water for better fruit growth. In season time gauva easily available in market. But these days hybrid plants gives yield through out the year.

From inside it contains lot of hard seeds along with pulp. Gauva eats along with the seeds. It can be eat directly or making juice, salad, jelly, ice-cream etc. Some peoples eats it  with paste of salt, pipper and black pipper for making its taste more delicious. Old peoples those have not teeth or patients can take its juice. Adding guava in diet keeps us stay healthy.