SALT CAVES THERAPY

The basic idea of ​​creating salt caves is to create and use an environment that is beneficial to the human organism. This environment mimicking the oceanic microclimate is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements that are so much needed to enhance the body. The salt cave has walls lined with salt ore, and the salt crystals cover the floor. The special heating and air conditioning system in the salt cave has the effect that the salt evaporates ionizing air (negative ions) and saturating it with valuable compounds of iodine, bromine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium and other ingredients. Their concentration at 20 to 23 degrees would be several times higher than at sea.

One therapy in the salt cave takes 45 minutes. During this time, clients lie on deck chairs while listening to relaxing music and dim light. The so-called "color therapy" or "light therapy" stimulates the body, fills you with new energy, soothes the senses and improves the mood.
The temperature in the salt cave is in the range 20-23 ° C. There are blankets on the cover. Salt cave does not enter the footwear for hygienic reasons. The operator will lend you protective shoe covers.

It is recommended to undergo a 5 - 10 visit to the salt cave in a row, in a cycle of at least 2-3 times a week. It is reported that one visit to the salt cave will be issued for 3 days at sea. Selected health insurance companies have already enrolled a cure in a salt cave as a form of rehabilitation and can request a contribution. In this case, contact your doctor or health insurance company directly.

Salt Cave Systems Salt Cave Systems are built with state-of-the-art technology, absolutely free of any harmful substances, adhesives or metals, which significantly differs from the competition. Salt Cave Systems takes a strong look at the development of its products and responds flexibly to published halotherapy results. The most recent scientific evidence has unequivocally pointed out that the most effective application of halotherapy is the combination of deep rock salt - halite and salt from the Dead Sea. This is due to the different composition of both types of salts, their unique mineral content and the resulting different therapeutic effects.

In the salt cave "Lotus Flower"Halit forms 70% salt and acts primarily on the airways. Its healing effect covers the entire spectrum of respiratory diseases, allergies, infections, but also to pulmonary pollution caused by the environment of cities and industrial centers. Salt from the Dead Sea, which accounts for 30% of its total salt content, has unique effects on a wide range of skin diseases from eczema to psoriasis, with very good results in severe systemic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, nervous system disorders, and as one of only a few methods of healing, which extends and improves the lives of people suffering from cystic fibrosis.

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