Enjoy the beauty of Nature


God has given us lot of beauty of Nature. Each people likes naturalthings because nature has given us birth. Man has developed himself in nature.Nature gives us food to eat, lot of water to drink and shelter to live.

In this modern artificial world, man has made himself so busy like office to home and home to office. In mean time busy in his mobile, PC, laptop or in watching TV. In this busy time, they have not time to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Some people grow  grass in their lawn, flowers in pot in front of their houses to add some natural beauty in home himself.

Nature gives us snow mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, oceans and many amazing and wonderful places. But greedy people instead of care and enjoy the beauty of nature, continue to distory it. We should grow more trees to increase its beauty.Life is small so you should take initiative to enjoy the life. Work never finesh. Give some time to yourself. Ask from yourself, what I have done for myself.

How can enjoy the beauty of nature?

° In your holiday or leave time make plan to  go for some hill stations of your choice. You can enjoy beauty of hills, Snow View, tracking, paragliding, waterfalls, cool and fresh air.

° Enjoy the beauty of Oceans, there you can see many types of fishes like shark, blue whale, dollfins, jellyfish and many types of other living species you see ever. One can enjoy the Sunset. That will gives us beautiful experiences.

° Take a visit of wildlife centuries, National parks and forest safaris. You will enjoy to see many types of animals that are endangered species and listed in Red book of IUCN (International Union for conservation of Nature). You can also see many types of flora and fona.

Benifits of enjoying natural beauty :

1. Relief from mentally stress, tension etc. and brings calm and peace.

2. Brings happiness on our face.

3. Good way of performing meditation.

4. Improveing health.

5. Increasing our knowledge and experiences. we can know and feel the nature by ourway.

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