LOVE YOURSELF 

People devote a great deal of time awaiting love, wanting love to find them, seeking out, and even longing for that exceptional love. The sad thing is that when they don’t find love or love doesn’t find them, they feel worthless and bewildered. Craving someone to satisfy the emptiness. Sadly, life does not operate in that manner. You have to learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is primarily about respecting yourself. Self-respect is merely the most reliable way to generate and share love in your personal life. To search for love from someone or something externally and then not satisfying that need, will ultimately leave you feeling un-happier than you were to begin with. Think about the person that you love and respect the most. The way you love and respect that person is the way you need to love and respect yourself if you want to be loved and respected by someone else. Realizing the significance of loving yourself will improve your knack for loving others. You have to permit positive energy to empower your life. This will make it possible for great situations to transpire in your life. Know that living here on Earth means that you have a purpose. Spend your time loving and respecting yourself. Live your life for yourself. Believe you are worth it. In order to love someone, you must love yourself.

       Through greater study, I learned that self-esteem and self-love are matters that are often related. If an individual experiences low self- esteem, it is likely that the origin is an occurrence of inadequate self-love. Therefore, the individual has found it complicated to locate that little bit of love for them. Loving yourself bears an unnatural beginning because your brain has been deep-rooted with self-sabotaging beliefs for a very long period of time. However, no changes will transpire without making a conscious decision to become happy and to lead a fulfilled life. And this comprises of attracting abundance. When a person does not love them self, that person is basically expressing to the Universe that they are unworthy or undeserving of any love or positive outcomes that have the same vibrational match as love. Reaching your full potential depends strongly on your ability to love yourself because if you do not, you risk the chance of you ever reaching your fullest potential. When you make the decision to love yourself, in all actuality you are stating that you want to be awakened. You want to reach full enlightenment. You want to be empowered with life. You accept the sole responsibility for the consequences that you undergo in your life and desire for yourself to shine from living a fulfilling life. Be happy and keep smile so that by looking you they can also smile.

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