Earn online money

                        Earn online money

Each person wants to earn some extra income. It can be done by online platform. Earing online is not a very tough task. There are several ways of online earning.
In  free time we spend our valuable time in watching Youtube videos, movies and in playing games but gets nothing instead of wasting time. we can nutilize our time to earn some money. In this article I will tell you, how you can do this. Here are the ways to earn online for your extra income.

Google is the great source of information that gives us knowledge about so many things what we want in just a fraction of second. And this information can be get from anyplace and whatever is time. Internet already helped many to earn online money. There are many ways for earning via Internet to get some money. That can be earn without any initial investment. These online earning platforms requires only some of your time for work and little brain to use.

Some online jobs are-:

° Amazon Affiliate program -

You can earn through Amazon affiliate program. You have to promote the products online. Sign up for getting its account activated. Then get Approval of its Affiliate program. After approval you will get some work to do and will be paid for this work.

You can also sell small products by doing some investment like watches, mobile covers etc. You can promote Amazon products on your own website and can earn more money by promoting products.

° Tutoring :-

If you are good in studies and has talent. Then you can register your self as a teacher on any websites that provides online teaching facilities for students. You have to give a basic test to be a online tutor. After clearing the test, you will be hired by these companies. Some recommended sites for online tutoring are tutorvista.com, tutor.com, wiziq.com etc. You register yourself on these sites and get paid for online tutoring.

° Ads of Google Addsense - :

  You can earn online through Google Addsense. You have to post free ads on Internet for getting paid. You will be paid for each ad posting. Google Addsense is Google's sites and provide online adds.
You can show these adds on your website. You can attach this Google Addsense to your YouTube channel also.

°  Google Pay App-:

You can get lot of money by promoting Google Pay app. This app provides amazing offers to earn money. It is Google's money transaction app that provides fast service of money transfer.
You  will have to refer and join your any friend on this app, it gives  both of you 51 Rs each. More you refer and join more you can earn. Instead of this, it gives a scratch card on every transaction you done. In its Friday's offer there is a chance of winning 1 lacs on each week. Many people already earns so much money from this app.

° Become a Delivery boy-:

 You can become a delivery boy of any company like Amazon, Paytm, flipkart, Pizzahurt, Dominos or for any other hotel of your city. If you have a bicycle or motorbike, you can do delivery boy job in your city. You can deliver there products in part time.
For doing so, you have to register yourself on there website. They allow you flexibility when you want to work. From these ways you can earn money by spending some time. 

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