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SriLanka is known for its beauty and religious places. Srilanka is the part of Asia and surrounded by Indian Ocean. It contains religious and cultural diversity. It is the place of natural beauty. It includes historical importance also. Its has colourful and impassioned pasts. The history played out, of which there is much to see in the vast array of architecture, museums and galleries has all been forged however against a common background - that being one of the sheer beauty.

It Offord unique vantage points such as Kandy and Nuwara Eliza in the hill parts. Mountains surrounded in fog, waterfalls as reflect as glass and tea gardens gives heart touching experience. Tropical climate all round the year ensures that a colourful dense population of flora and fauna inhabits this jewel of a land. It has highest biodiversity per 10000 square in the whole of Asia and among them many species are endemic to the land.
It has list of  different types of species like four species of wild cat, five species of deer, leopard, many species of birds and fish, five species of turtle, twenty five species of whales and dolphins and elephants. The Yala national park is most famous for spotting leopards. It has all other national parks like Wasgamuwa, kumaran, Uda wala provides rare glimpse of the habitats of nature's most beautiful creatures.

Many types of Ayurvedic medicines produces there. The capital city Colombo is also not less than a wonder. Colombo situated on the coast of Indian Ocean. It scattered with Buddhist temples, Churches, Hindu temples of Ramayana period and mosque as well. Several West coast can be found north of Colombo, these include Negombo, Waikkal, Marawilla etc. Mt. Lavinia is the popular beach. Moreover religious and cultural festivals have adorned the beauty of Srilanka life. It celebrates the South east Asia's biggest literary event name Galle literary festival.
One can take here enjoyment of rafting, surfing, air- ballooning golf and adventure like mountain climbing, trekking  cycling  canopying. Travellers are met with sincere smiles. Srilankans are keen to ensure that the places of beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, wildlife  blissful surroundings, festive cultures, thrilling adventures and heritage remain cemented in your heart for always.

One can enjoy there variety of seafood. The warm sea bathes, reefs where vivid tropical fish dart among the coral and shipwrecks lay waiting to be explored. You can enjoy the beaches, restaurants & bars of Beruwala.
Several turtle hatcheries give visitors the chance to see efforts to conserve endangered sea turtles. There is also a historic Galle fort which contains place in UNESCO world heritage. You can visit another fine beaches in Jaffa Peninsula in north side of country.

Some most important things to do in Sri Lanka - :

° It cantains world's highest density of leopards. It has extremely high wealth and diversity of wildlife.

° Srilankan is rich in tea production. Sri Lanka is world's largest exporter of  tea. You have opportunity to stay in colonial tea places.

° Ayurvedic course that are designed to treat and cure illnesses, sense of relaxation, Yoga combined with meditation. Other then this you can enjoy oil massage, steam bath and potions made from natural ingredients.

° Srilanka tour and traval serves plenty of adventure like rafting in River kwai, snorkeling and diving, to Asia's top surfing destinations etc.

° It has the second largest man-made structures famous worldwide Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Dambulla cave temples, the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, Galle Fort and Sinharaja Rain Forests.

° A diverse natural environment and coastal beaches, lagoons and mangrove swamps.

° In less money, you can get good facilities as compared to other parts of world. You can enjoy spectacular level of style and luxury at a less costs. 

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